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Uzbek farmers Forced to Give up their Land

Suspend bank loans tainted by Uzbek forced labor

Uzbek-Spanish Company Implicated in Forced Labour with Tragic Consequences

Turkmenistan: Age of Might and Happiness in Crisis

Crisis in Turkmenistan. In 2018 citizens of one of the world's richest countries stand in queues for basic foodstuffs: bread, flour, eggs, chicken legs, cotton seed oil and sugar. At the same time Turkmenistan possesses large oil and gas reserves. How did the Turkmens end up on the edge of humanitarian catastrophe?

EXCLUSIVE: ILO Director-General in Uzbekistan/Dec 14, 2018

International Labor Organization's Director-General Guy Ryder recently visited Uzbekistan, meeting President Shavkat Mirziyoyev and other high level officials to discuss how this country is reforming to end forced labor, specifically in its cotton fields. VOA talked to Ryder in Tashkent.