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Belarus: Trade union activity is not extremism!

Belarus: Trade union activity is not extremism!
On April 19 2022 dozens of union leaders and activists of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions were arrested. The reason for the arrests was the public anti-war trade union position and criticism of the Belarusian authorities for violations of fundamental human rights. More than 30 trade unionists were sentenced to up to 9 years on trumped-up charges for their position. All democratic trade unions were liquidated and trade union activity was banned. Union activists and workers seen in the 2020 protests are dismissed. Fired workers cannot find jobs, and their families are left without a livelihood. Jailed union leaders are listed en masse as extremists and terrorists. Unions have the full right to operate freely and to defend the rights and interests of their members. Repression and persecution must stop and political prisoners must be released!