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8 February 2020 / uzbekistan

The Accountability Gap: Are Uzbek Bank Officials Really Organizing Nationwide Forced Labor?

The Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of Uzbekistan has published a list of officials who were given administrative punishments for the use of forced labor during the 2019 cotton harvest. According to the document, 43 officials were punished during the period October 2019 to February 2020 according to article 51 of the administrative code: “administrative coercion to work, except as otherwise provided by law”.  The article stipulates the payment of a fine equivalent to between 10 and 30 minimum wages, approximately $230 to $690 US.

They shot to kill: eight years on from massacre of Kazakhstan’s striking oil workers
14 January 2020 / kazakhstan

They shot to kill: eight years on from massacre of Kazakhstan’s striking oil workers

Eight years after the infamous massacre of striking oil workers and their supporters at Zhanaozen in western Kazakhstan, human rights defenders in the oil-rich republic are still seeking answers. How many victims were there, on top of the 16 dead and nearly 100 wounded acknowledged by the authorities? Who gave the order to open fire? What was the role of agents provocateurs? And Kazakhstan’s beleaguered trade union movement continues to count the cost of the killings – which brought to an end an eight-month strike, the longest and largest in the country’s history, and heralded a crackdown on all forms of opposition.

21 December 2019 / turkmenistan

Turkmenistan: At Least There’s No War. A Film Reviews 2019

A tough economic situation while President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s relatives live the highlife with Versace-themed parties; shortages of essential foodstuffs while the president’s nephews scatter money like trash at their celebrations; banking restrictions, bans on leaving the country, no jobs. What was life like in 2019 for the people of Turkmenistan, one of the richest countries in the world in terms of oil and gas reserves?

21 December 2019 / uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Must Now Live Up to “Country of the Year” Honor

The government, which is still highly authoritarian, needs to make good on its many promises of reforms that include creating an independent judiciary, allowing non-governmental human rights groups to operate, ending forced labour, allowing opposition parties to contest elections, and stopping censorship. At present these are distant dreams for ordinary Uzbeks.

19 December 2019 / turkmenistan

“We’re sick of it!” Turkmenistan’s Cotton Harvest Drags on to the End of the Year

The president of Turkmenistan has instructed the heads of three regions – Ahal, Balkan, and Lebap – to gather in the remains of the cotton harvest by December 25. He gave the order at a working meeting on December 16.

18 December 2019 / kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan: Path towards peace and prosperity is best assured by respecting rights of minorities, UN expert says

Despite some progress, Kyrgyzstan needs further measures to guarantee the human rights of minorities, strengthen its democratic institutions and ensure a more inclusive society, if it is to deliver peace and prosperity, said a UN human rights expert on minorities after visiting the country.

17 December 2019 / kazakhstan

Recommendations to Kazakhstan as part of the UPR: special attention devoted to migrant rights

In anticipation of International Migrants Day on December 18, ADC Memorial, Bir Duino Kyrgyzstan, and the International Legal Initiative welcome recommendations to improve implementation of international treaties and realize fundamental human rights that Kazakhstan received as part of the Universal Periodic Review. Members of international delegations devoted special attention to the spheres of employment and migration, which are both important for the country since, as a receiving country, Kazakhstan has almost one million migrants (approximately seven percent of the population) who regularly face violation of their rights in various areas of life and have fallen victim to various forms of exploitation and human trafficking.